Salaam alaikum and hello my dear SWB darlings:)

I am crazy Bluepearl known more by my turqoise butterfly avatar:) When I started bluepearlfun it was not my intention to do anything other than to talk about sweet nothings however over the months and years I found that what i put in for myself really became more for me and others alike. It was like I started my very own virtual village and met the most amazing people - socialising with beautiful people  whom i love and adore as if I have known them all my life. So Bluepearlfun really is very much about keeping it fun and motivating as far as possible because I think there is so much ghastly unwanted seriousness in life.  Being general in its nature it is not restricted to any topic so you will find islamic and technological content. Lastly I love learning and growing with you, my dear darlings!  It's been an amazing journey, alhumdulillah!

So do visit my blog!

As for Amber (SWB) - you been working tirelessly to realise your dreams, I hope and keep you in my duas that you will realise every single one of them soon, inshallah. May Allah bless you for bringing us all closer! 


Azra Momin said...

Bluepearl, you're a treasure!

deros said...

I'm with you my dear Bluepearl!