British, Muslim & Green: They call me Zaufishan!


To start off, masha'allah, what a great effort and novel idea set up by sister Amber, may Allah reward her with good for creatively supporting her Muslim sisters, ameen.

I'm Zaufishan, a British Muslim, born and raised... in the playground where I sp- (no, not the Fresh Prince intro!) I've been a part-time blogger on, which is a headquarters for my design work, writing, projects and fundraising. I write as the eco muslim on greening the deen.

I'm the founder of which is a growing "kingdom" of Muslim blogs, promoting and sharing the positive image of Muslims in the media. In addition to that, my 'online' life consists of writing for news sites, promoting iconic Muslims and creating comic strips of strange things I encounter. That's me in a virtual pod, so, share the news with the world!

Thank you for reading, respectfully,


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Azra Momin said...

MashaAllah Zaufishan - you are so multidimensional, and so, so talented. And I LOVE the green-ness!

Zaufishan said...

@Azra, masha'allah & jazakallah khairan.
I'm liking this sisterhood we're all building. I'm off to vote for everyone now insha'Allah. (: