handmade beginnings

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Sisters!

My name is Eva and I blog at Handmade Beginnings, a blog where early learning and handmade goodness collide. I'm an early childhood educator and am currently pursuing my studies in Montessori education. I've been educating my now 3 year-old daughter since the day she was born and because children learn through play, a lot times I like to come up with creative and unique ways to help my daughter learn new concepts.

Here are some of the creative things my daughter and I do together that you'll find on my blog:

Handmade Toys

Recycled Toys 

Baking & Cooking

Handmade Clothing

We also do a ton of learning and educational activities such as:
learning themes (hajj & eid, seasons, transportation, etc), learning activities (math, language arts, geography, etc), science experiments, arts and crafts, sensory bins, nature play and exploration, and more! Please do stop by inshaAllah hopefully you'll find a useful idea or activity to try out with your little one and family :)

JazakAllahu Khairun <3


Azra Momin said...

Eva - I wish I was your neighbor!! Your blog is fantastic, MashaAllah!

Eva said...

@ Azra Momin: JazakAllahu Khairun! Your blog is fantastic too mashaAllah we'd have so much fun being neighbours, I love your work!

Splendid said...

Your blog is just lovely! so much to learn from! All the best :)

MD said...

masyaallah, your blog is awesome!!!! There are so many ideas that I can borrow from you to educate my son...thank you so much for sharing

Eva said...

@ Splendid: JazakAllahu Khairun :)

@ MD: you're very welcome :) thanks for having a peak around my blog <3

The Muslim Wife's Kitchen said...

seriously...your blog is my new life line, lol. Mashallah, I love it! I've been getting so many ideas...gonna try out the house/room checklist next insha'allah!