I write a blog about fashion, focusing on high fashion, couture, runway, and trends. Although I often write about fashion that's not accessible to the regular person, I try to show how regular people can wear the styles  I write about. Also, where to find the clothes, how to get the look for a cheaper price, and how to make your wardrobe overall more haute are some of what I blog about. For example read this to find out how to work the new military trend.
Military Rise hijab from VELA SCARVES
Haute Muslimah has done a few interviews with people like Michael Costello of Project Runway, Marwa Atik of Vela Scarves, and I'm currently working on an interview with Melanie, the CEO of Haute Hijab. Check out some interviews here.

I'm a mom of a two year old who keeps me very busy. I think of blogging as something of my own, my time to relax and do something I enjoy. I'm constantly working to create a better blog and am so grateful for all of the support I get from my readers. Do check out the blog at HauteMuslimah.com, and peruse through some of what I've written. You can also find me on facebook and twitter for more fun :)

I encourage you to vote for Haute Muslimah! I've never won an award for my blog before, so InshaAllah now's the time :)

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