Hi sisters! First of all, I would say thank you to our sister, Amber, who had put her greatest efforts and ideas for this award. MashaAllah.  :)

So let me introduce myself, I'm Ola Fadly, I come from Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm a wife (newlywed on the hood! lol), and a student at the same time. On this great moment, I would like to nominate my blog for the "New Blogs" Category for East - South Asia region. This blog was made on August, 6th, 2010. It contains mostly about my daily styles, events, hijab tutorials, and articles. I hope I can share to other women who aren't wearing hijab that hijab is cool, hijabers can be stylish, and pretty, of course. :P On the other hand,  I was so inspired by other hijab blogs that made by our sisters. They are all awesome! 

This is my latest photo on Haura Insiyah.

 This is my picture when I was getting married.. :D

If you wanna read more posts and see more pictures, please go to my blog, Haura Insiyah. And don't forget to VOTE for ME if you think my blog deserves to win this award. ;)

Thanks for reading!

With lots of love,
Ola Fadly


Blue Pearl said...

Great website sweetie - keep it up!

Redheart said...

Wow, it’s so fancy... keep up your spirit.

hijaber fans said...

Wow... its so great for the newest :)
good luck...