Asalaamualaykum my beloved sisters

My blog is a niche is for everyday life with a bit of religious encouragement. I'm a mum, an almost writer, an ESL linguist and Islamic scholar from South Africa who has recently incorporated my blog musings into my Halaqul Hikmah- (The wisdom Circles) organisation.

I've become weary of reading sermons and preachy blogs, so i'm trying to appeal to the humanness within us all that allows us to relate the Deen to our everyday life.

I'm passionate about languages, literacy, reading, art appreciation, travel, travel writing, calligraphy, photography, antiques, technology, car reviews, gardens, and the tiny details that inspire happiness that most people don't notice or bother to explore.

I hope you'll visit my blog soon.

With love and duas

umm Abdillah


Azra Momin said...

Iridescent Musings - the name alone(and explanation behind it) of your blog is enough for me to love it, but your posts are so beautiful that I became overcome with emotion at every single one I read.
All I can say is...thank you.

umm Abdillah said...

My pleasure my dearest sister:) wa ma tofiqee illah billah.

lots of love
umm Abdillah

Anonymous said...

i love ur stuff..plz keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Your approach is very needed. I love your writing style and your pragmatic approach to sensitive topics without preaching or condescension. Jazakallah.

Anonymous said...

MashaALLAH truly inspiring stuff!!! Keep it up!!!