As-salaamu-alaykum to all
My name is Zarina and the name of my blog is; “Muslim Women Exposed”. I chose this name because I wanted it to represent what my blog stood for. I started this blog because I was getting very tired of all the negative stereotypes that are usually associated with Muslim women. I know so many amazing Muslim women, who are so different and interesting in their own ways and none of these women fitted within the common stereotypes. I am also inspired by the lives and stories of the amazing Muslim women of the past. There are so many great examples of what women can achieve in our Islamic history, and once again none of these women fitted within the common negative stereotypes. I wanted people to understand that Muslim women, like any other group of people cannot be stereotyped and put into a box, because we are all unique in our own way; talented, beautiful, funny, exciting, interesting, etc, etc... 
Once I started blogging it was even proven to me further that Muslim women indeed have so much to offer. I am so grateful for this chance to connect with my amazing Muslim sisters from across the world, and all the blogs of my sisters inspires me and motivates me. It’s also given me a chance to share, learn and grow, Alhamdullillah.

I think it doesn’t really matter whose blog wins awards and whose doesn’t, just having a blog and putting your thoughts out there is enough, because in this time when certain people would love to silence us, we should stand tall and speak out in whatever way we can, and any victory of any Muslim sister is a victory and a win to us all! Subhan'Allah!

I’d like to thank all of these amazing Muslim sisters for sharing with us and keeping us all posted. May the Almighty Allah keep us all strong and shower us with His Peace, Blessings and Mercy and we pray that Allah strengthens our bonds of sisterhood.

Ma' as Salaam

PS: An extra special thanks needs to be made to sister Amber Misk for putting this all together and for the SWB network. May Allah (SWT) reward all your efforts, Insha'Allah!

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