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I am an eighteen year old degree student living in the capital city of Maldives, a tiny country filled with Robinson Cruesoe islands. I have always had an interest in fashion, and I started this blog in the Late October 2009 as a journey of finding my style, and to blog about my passion.
I started wearing the veil the day I turned fifteen, because I have always wanted to wear it. It was a form of self expression, a way of life, and so since then, I have been incorporating my very girly and preppy style in my outfits and trying to find a good balance between being fully covered and being stylish.

I usually use this blog to talk about hijabi fashion, and how to use the pieces available and try to make a hijab friendly outfit. I have several weekly segments in my blog such as 
  • Budget Fashionista, showing a great but inexpensive outfit, 
  • Celeb Style, incorporating the fashion and style of your favorite movie stars and yet making it modest and covered
  • 5 Ways, using one item of clothing and styling it in five different way thus to create a working wardrobe which is filled with essential and no excess items.
  • Runway Hijab, making runway outfits hijab appropriate.
  • and other posts such as reviewing my favorite runway shows, giving product reviews and daily outfit posts.

When I started it, I wanted it to be more like a magazine featuring articles and things that would help people to make better choices in choosing good outfits, and a general happy and fabulous living.
Thanks to Amber for organizing this, and to Shums for nominating my blog.
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Azra Momin said...

Maldives - I'd love to visit there someday. Your outfits are so cute!