Old Muslim Woman in the Shoe

Asalaamu alaikum.I've been blogging for a little bit more than a year now and my blog is a general blog because its all about my life with my family in the shoe! I have 10 kids so I called my blog the old muslim woman in the shoe. If you know the nursery rhyme then you know I have so many kids I don't know what to do! Many blogs stick to just one topic but I could never do that because I'm always off in a million directions and have so many interests and topics to cover and there are so many personalities in my family. I write about dawah,homeschooling,baking, books (even have a monthly book club- please steal my button), home and cake decorating, swimming, Malaysia (dh's country), cooking when the mood seizes me,islamic fashion,tae kwon do and any other topic that is currently happening in my life.
I'm not a pro at anything but I think its good to show a real portrayal of a real housewife with a large family. The photos aren't perfect and neither are the serving dishes or food etc but its just a part of the hectic life of mine. I also started blogging to get away from facebook which had turned into fight/fitna book. Blogging is much more conducive to the soul. I think my blog is very unique as I'm the only female convert out there married to a Malaysian with a big family. I've also been a convert for 19 yrs which is longer than most other convert bloggers which gives me different insights and experiences. I've been a mother for 25 yrs which also gives me a right I think to share a thing or two. Also I live in the middle of nowhere but still cling to Islam masha Allah and I hope that can inspire a few people not to give up.

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