Ramblings of the Mind


I reckon this is where I am supposed to promote my blog and invite you lovely sisters to spend some time reading thoughts that I penned via a blogging platform known as Blogger. I have been blogging on and off for the past seven years through many different sobriquets and blogging platforms. The urges to blog comes in mood swings - I'd be blogging ferociously one minute and on an endless hiatus the next. It's a neverending cycle and at this point in time, blogging has once again serves its purpose as an avenue for me to rant and rave about the daily events that affect me, per se.

My blog is my personal reflection of what happens almost daily. There are times when the blog would merely carry one-liners as I see a quote that I really like. Or, it might contain a diatribe against life's unfair moments. It might also contain vitriolic accounts, although I keep that to a bare minimum. And yes, then there would be anecdotes of my son's journey of life. That would be documented gleefully.

My point is, I write about a non-specific theme which suits the category of "General Blog". And I hope, through my incessant ramblings, there are souls out there who would offer kind thoughts and encouragement to my daily life.

May Allah bless all of us.



Azra Momin said...

Seven years - you are a veteran, MashaAllah! Your blog is lovely, and I like the things you write about.

MD said...

Salaam Azra,

Thank you for the kind compliments. And thank you for the comments you left at my blog :)

Me :D