Spill Beans

Assalamu Alaykum

I know this is where I am supposed to give the voters a brief idea of what my blog is really about...where I am meant to come up with a specific theme. But I can't, because my blog is one of the tools I use to spill out the thoughts racing through my mind. And thoughts don't have themes. They are sparked by the simplest incidents in life, by a word or a look or one moment of introspection. And then they formulate themselves into written works and these are read by others in all corners of the world, which again sparks thoughts which again creates writings...and the cycle goes on. So, much like one policy the Federal Reserve undertakes can create a huge money supply multiplying effect in the economy, I believe in the power of one thought to transfer to others and change "heads"...and eventually change the world :)

Thoughts aside, I'm an Iraqi eighteen-year-old, prone to complicating the world and making it appear intimidating or welcoming depending on my mood. So...don't expect much consistency. All things under the sun interest me.

Stop by and leave me some of your "thoughts" ;) What I love more than blogging is subscribing to other bloggers, so leave me your own blog's link as well.

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Azra Momin said...

Another thoughtful, articulate teen - MashaAllah I am so proud of you all.