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Salamo Aalikom Sisters! :))
My name is Yusra , am a Pharmacist, professional Make-up Artist, Skin-Care Specialist and my friends call me "The Fashion Guru" !loool...I love everything and anything related to fashion and beauty. A couple of years ago my mum and I started a Bags&Accessories making business.
I starting my fashion blog Modnmod around 18 month ago.I post DIY,Scarf/Hijab tutorials and a lot more!

I'll be more than happy to answer your questions regarding fashion, beauty and Make-up for FREE! Yaaaaaayyyy! :))
I would be delighted if you'd vote for me! :)))
Jazakon Allah Khayran Katheeran


Blue Pearl said...

Nice to know there is a pharmacist around- great blog:)

Modnmod said...

Awwwwwwwwww! Jazaki Allah Khayran sis :)))

Azra Momin said...

Very cute! And it must be so much fun to be business partners with your mom - sweet!

Modnmod said...

Salamo A'alikom Azra :))
Thanx for your sweet comment:) Yea it's so much fun working with my mum..we have similar taste ..but the good thing is I have a higher imagination/visual talent than her and she has a much (much) better ability to implement the projects and getting the executive part done...Al Hamdulil Allah we make a good team :)