Founder: Amber Misk
Contact: amber @ sisterswhoblog dot com

SistersWhoBlog Network
Our network's aim is to connect with Muslim Sisters who blog and promote their blogs and creative works. Our members inspire and support each other to achieve their goals and live their best lives.

Why award Sisters Who Blog?
We want to award our Sisters because, blogging consistently, creatively and sharing one’s experiences with strangers is not an easy task, and it is worth rewarding.

Tell us more about the nominees and the award categories.
The network has received more than 40 applications. They are competing in various categories (food, fashion, spiritual, arts and crafts, education, etc.) from these four regions :

1.    Europe, Australia and New Zealand
2.    East-South Asia
3.    North America
4.    Africa and the Middle East

When will it take place?
From December 29 to 31

Where will it take place?
On this site

When will the winners be announced?
On January 1, 2011